9 February 2012

Motivated into organisation

I seem to have found a burst of organisational energy. After a slump (hence my lack of blog entries) I have been organising the house, clearing out, selling on eBay and sewing. We live in a small house and we really don’t have any room for junk or items which are no longer being used or which no one has any special attachment to anymore. Plus as kids get older, they don’t want board games and toys anymore, so onto eBay they go!

eBay winners

I have had lots of success selling everything but the board games! This trunk was a runaway success, selling for $100 more than I expected, and the canisters were popular too.

This duck is a collector’s item, I discovered, what a shame I broke the other two in the set! It sold for $40!! Just clearing out (MY) junk has earned me more than $400 in the past two weeks. And more to come.

Its making me feel so much lighter too, and not just in the physical sense. I’m also a list maker and I accomplish so much when I list the jobs to do. Plus if the jobs are written down, it’s so much more difficult to wriggle out of doing them. Frugal Down Under seems to be experiencing a similar feeling of motivation.

 Plus Im still taking photos.