29 January 2012

Yo Yo Biscuits......in the food processor!!

I always feel the urge to bake when the weather turns cool and rainy, and it’s been raining here in South East Queensland for the past week! Needless to say, lots of baking happening.
One of my pet hates when cooking is having  to cream butter and sugar. I am very impatient plus I hate using the mixer, big, heavy thing that it is, lugging it down from its high storage shelf. (Why doesn’t she store it on a lower shelf, I hear you ask? probably because that would solve (part of ) the problem, and I don’t really want to solve the creaming butter and sugar problem. I want to avoid it altogether.
So……….. a craving for Yo Yos, sent me to the recipe books in the quest for a Yo Yo mix which could be made in the food processor, quickly.
Here is a recipe I adapted from All Recipes and Taste

Butter and icing sugar go into processor

Process till it looks like this - about 2 mins

This is how it looks after the flour and custard powder have been added.

On the tray, rolled into balls and then flattened

The finished product with passionfruit icing in between ( minus the seeds)

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  1. The biscuits look nice! One thing I have never owned is a food processor. It does make things look easy. I think we have had enough rain for a while